Portree Primary School

Fàilte Gu Bun Sgoil Phortrigh
Welcome to Portree Primary School Web Site

Our Mission is:
"Soirbheas dhan a h-uile duine tro ionnsachadh buadhach, co-obrachadh agus speis do ar cultar"
"Achievement for all through quality learning, co-operation and respect for our culture"

We hope you enjoy our web site and find it useful. Like everything at PPS, we are always trying to improve. So if you cannot find what you are looking for, then please do let us know - and we'll try our best to add it.

Flora MacDougall, Acting Head Teacher

Our School

Teaching Staff

Acting Head Teacher – Mrs Flora MacDougall

Depute Head Teacher – Mrs Shona MacDonald

Principal Teacher – Mrs Shona Nicolson


English Medium Staff

Mrs Shona Nicolson P1

Dr Catherine Maclean and Ms Clare Deplano (job share) P1/2

Mrs Katie Martin P2/3

Ms Susan Boyd P3/4

Ms Neilian Mackenzie P4/5

Mr John Reston & Mrs. Mairidh Anne MacKinnon (job share) P6

Mrs. Kirsty Grant P7

Mrs. Marilyn Chambers (CCR & management)

Mrs Jessie Templeman (management)


Learning Support Teachers

Mrs Anne Stormont

Mrs Brenda Howieson (Gaelic)


S.E.N. Teacher

Mrs Kay Alston

Mrs Mary Anna Shepherd ( 1 day per week)


Gaelic Medium Staff

Mrs Kenna MacDonald GM1

Miss M MacLeod) GM2/3

Miss Lynsey MacDonald GM3/4

Miss Anne MacLeod GM5/6

Mrs Shona MacDonald GM6/7

Mrs Brenda Howieson (management cover)


Visiting Teachers

P.E. - Mrs Irene Deplano

Music - Mrs Sara Matheson

Art - Mrs Alice MacVicar

Swimming – Pool Staff

Strings Instructor – Mrs Marion Beeston

Piping Instructor – Mr I R Finlayson

Gaelic Singing Instructor – Mrs Kirsteen Graham


Non-teaching staff

Janitor and Playground Supervisor -  Temporary Mr Graham Ross/ Mrs Helen Wilson

Clerical Assistants – Mrs Morag MacKay and Mrs Maggie Cowie

GM Nursery Assistant – Mrs Tini Daughtrey, Nursery Auxiliaries - Mrs Donna Macleod and Mrs Mary MacDougall

Classroom Assistants - Gaelic – Mrs May Stewart, Mrs Marie MacDonald, Mrs Catriona Beaton, Mrs Elizabeth MacDonald and Mrs Janet MacVicar

Classroom Assistants – English – Mrs Ann Macaulay, Mrs Maria Fox, Mrs Marion MacPherson and Mrs Anne Galloway

Learning Support Auxiliaries – Mrs Chrissie MacLeod, Mrs Maggie Cowie, Miss Lorraine Gillies, Mrs Ann Macauley, Mrs Julie MacLean, Mrs Marion Colven and Miss Janice Macpherson

Crossing Patroller – Mrs Janet MacVicar

Playground Supervisor – Mrs Helen Wilson

School Nurse – Mrs Helen Gilpin

Cook in Charge – Mrs Barbara  Stevenson, Canteen Staff-  Ms. Phyllis Stoddart, Mrs. Dianne Nicolson, Mrs.Catriona Beaton

Cleaners- Mrs Lorraine Campbell, Miss Carol Lamont,  Miss Angela Murphy